Bad Morning

Nicole opened her hazy eyes, blinked rapidly to make the picture clear, and instantly felt exhausted. She knew right off the bat that today seemed off. As she slowly stood upright it felt as if her 20 pound German shepherd was laying on her chest.  She groaned and stood up on her two feet. A sense of dizziness hit her and she stepped on a piece of lego that her younger brother left on the floor. She screeched in sheer pain. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” She kicked it out of her way and proceeded to the bathroom. 

After getting ready with a cold shower and not enough hair products to fix her do, she trotted off to work.  She was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and was thirty minutes late. She parked her car and dropped her coffee on the floor. She grumted and shuffled to the door. She got to her office and the receptionist greeted her ” Good Morning Nikki, wait what are you doing here?” “Work?” Nikki said with a little bit of attitude. The receptionist looked concerned and said ” oh Charlie sent a email giving everyone the day off due to his grandmothers funeral.” Nicole didn’t say a word, she turned around and slugged back to her car. She sat there and closed the door. Looked at her steering steering wheel and screamed. Her scream was so loud that dogs barked, birds fled, and even windows cracked. After her bellow of a thousand screams she started to hyperventilating. She started her car and drove home.

-hey guys!  I don’t know what’s happening but lately everything that people in my life say just feels like nails scratching on a chalk board. I have no idea why this is happening it is messing with my life.  If peeps have any advice please help! Till next time….stay strong

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