I open my eyes and my world is a blur. I blinked over and over to clear up my vision so I can tell what was going on. As the bright light sent a stinging sensation to my newborn like eyes, I sat up and let them adjust to my surroundings. I looked around my room to see this wasn’t my room back in California. Forgot where I was for a second. It was a small apartment with a table, two chairs, flowers in every corner. A tiny kitchen and with my little dog sleeping next to the oven, Oh that dog always was sleeping. There was a sliver tray with a teapot and some round biskets that looked like thick pancakes. Crumpets! I thought to myself, My girlfriend must have made them before she went out on the town. Been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now and she was always begging me to come visit her home town, just can’t believe I’m here. 

I walked over towards the window to see the busy street of Oxnard with Double Decker buses and people strolling down below me. I can hear all the chatter of people’s plans for the day or tourist trying to find their way.  It was gloomy just as she warned me, not as busy as I thought it would be.  I can see that the sun was trying to poke its tiny head out here and it was very beautiful. We were high up enough to see Big Ben. Or I think that’s big ben. Not awake enough for that. Need some tea or coffee. Finished my first crumpet and walked over to grab another one. There was a note next to the teacup. It looked neat with little drawn flowers around the corners and little doodles of smiley faces. She is so cheesy but I love her. ” Hey darling, didn’t want to wake you so went to grab some food by the local market for dinner, Go explore and maybe even get a few pictures with the palace guards or visit the Bridge before it falls. Love always Rene. She even added a cherrio at the end of that, so English. I gently grabbed my cup of tea and sipped it. The soothing but hot tea flowed down my throat and sent a warm sensation all over my body. I could sit here all day in this flat and just enjoy this tea. Then her clock in the kitchen chirped. Hated that old bird clock, Her ex girlfriend bought it for her in the town square, was so annoying. It chirped again and I realized it was already noon, didn’t want to waste the day. So I gulped my tea down, bad mistake,  I put on some clothes and walked out the door.  As I locked that door I started to hum the tune London Bridge is falling down. Couldn’t help but laugh at myself for that one. But it didn’t matter, another adventure awaits here in gloomy but beautiful London town.


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