Birdcage Necklace

Sitting on a perch is never wanted my life to be.  I grip onto the steel bars that keep the outside world from my grasp. I see the bright light shining day after day and I want to fly towards it.  Every day I sing to let them know I am here but she throws things and tells me to SHUT UP. I’ve felt so trapped for 20 years sitting on my perch. My feet are hurting, lost the feeling in my wings. Not even sure I can fly anymore, too scared to even try. But now one more year has passed, she steps towards the cage, opens the latch, I feel my wings start to twitch, and she opens the door and I zoom out!

I look at this necklace of a tiny yellow bird inside a yellow cage and it will always remind me of my time being held back by my mother and now that I am 21 she has finally  let my have my own opinions and tell her what I want in life.


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