Always Remember August 23, 2008

As sunlight fills my room, I sit up and clutch my pillow tight. Today is the day, I thought to myself. It has to be today..or maybe not. I jump at the small knock on the door. “Sis, we are leaving now.” says a tiny voice from the other side of the door. ” ok have fun with mom and dad and Chris! call me and take lots of photos ok?” “OK!” as every step he took to the sound of the car door slam and the engine starting I could feel my heart pumping louder and louder. ” what am I going to do?” Another jump to the sound of  a bell. It’s just my phone I said to myself thinking that would calm me down.

” hello?”
“where the hell are you?”
“At home why?”
“Is he there with you?”
” oh that stupid Brandon kid! the one from you birthday party, the one you were all over in front of me, how could you?”
“what are you at-“
“Don’t BS me babe! I know you like him and I will fu-“
Ouch, I thought to myself. That doesn’t feel good. Ouch!  I clutched my stomach as I fell to the floor. I could still hear him screaming but he became muffled. The pain was all over, it felt as if someone was burning the inside of my belly slowly. What is happening I thought as I dragged myself to the bathroom. I looked behind to see a streak of blood behind me. The room started to spin as if I was on a merry go round at 100 miles per hour. I could feel my body going cold and start to shake. I could hear a door bell ring and a voice say ” Hey door was open…hey you anyone here?” I tried to call out but my throat was dry, I couldn’t speak or cry or anything . the last thing I saw what a blurry figure come up to my and fade to black.
Beeping and bright white light hit me. I tried to force my eyes open but it made my world look crazed as if I just got off of a roller coaster. ” she’s awake? How are you? Can you remember anything?’ The voices were still muffled and I couldn’t see still and my head was pounding as if I was a victim of a stampede. But then my heart pounded even louder when I brushed my hand over my belly to find it smaller than before. ” Honey, its ok don’t cry” It was too late, I started to sob in front of the stranger because at that moment I knew I lost something valuable to me and my boyfriend…and he didn’t even know it was his treasure that was hidden in me but now lost forever.


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