Dancing with Myself

Brenda tied her ballet shoes. She let the pink silk ribbon run through her fingers like running water. She smiled as she stretched the top her of feet. They are already red from all the drills and routines she went through daily. She stretched the rest of her body and hummed a tune. ” I can’t wait to see their faces.” she thought to herself. ” I will be the best there is…just wait and see” she smiled as she walked onto the stage. And now Brenda Stanson shall grace us with her new dance. duckling to swan. The crowd claps for her entrance. She takes a deep breath and gets to the middle of the stage. Breathe Bre, Just relax, you can do this.  she said in a faint whisper. She raised her arms and started her dance. She could hear the whispers of the audience. ” what form!, what  grace she has” she kept a straight face as she lept and landed on her feet . ” her arms and legs seem to not end” one man said. ” I know and her movements are so smooth and slick” one woman said. She loved all the great responses. It didnt seem a bad remark came from anyone. and that’s what she like to hear. She was doing her last spin before her finale. the music became louder and then she took her last leap and when she landed it was perfect. The crowd clapped and stood up. Some even threw roses at her feet. She bowed and smiled to everyone. She opened her eyes and slowly felt her body go numb and fall over. when she hit the floor it was in slow motion. ” they loved me ” she whispered as she looked around the blurry empty theatre. ” it was all in my mind” as she felt her heart slow down. But the loudness of her heartbeat sounded like the audience clapping. “I dont care…they loved me” She kept saying that as her eyes started to get heavy and set into darkness.


I know its a bit dark but I have been into a lot of ballet lately and also wonder how it felt to practice all your life and die before you get to do your thing or life long dream.


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