hello once again word press,

again is another rant about life. Well its the holidays and i’m feeling super home sick and all i want to do is go home and be with my family. But sadly i’m scared because they are always mad at me about something. And then my  “so called” boyfriend has been making me feel like I’m not important. I mean we talked about this already and it was starting to be awesome but then his comment made me mad. and ok i went for a three hour walk and felt better and then all he did after that was send me to bed without a hug or kiss or fucking anything!!! Like ok feeling better awesome..bye! I’m liek WTF is that? who does that. you could of at least gave me a kiss or a hug or said glad you are feeling better? i mean is that freakin hard? IS IT??? I dont know..its not that freaking much of a chore. I dont know anymore…no one cares about me and my well being. I could be dying in a ditch and all they would say was that I am just a bad apple and should of known better. Hate people like that. anyways. I’m off to watch some stuff to make me feel better. Night wordpress


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