Rain on me

Melody ran and ran. She can feel her heart banged against her chest like its trying to escape. But that’s what melody was trying to do. The scene played over and over in her mind like a video camera on a loop. ” why are you always yelling at me and crying.” he said standing and looking at her pace back and forth. ” Because all you do is sit in front of your computer and dont even pay attention.” She said yelling at him. ” its like I’m not even here, you just ignore me or expect me to be happy at the fact that I am sitting watching you loose brain cells.” she said trying to hold back tears. He stood there in utter silence. She begged for him to say something in her mind. He took a huge sigh and then said, ” Look, my mind is somewhere else, all i want to do is other stuff and well, you’re not my main focus right now ok?” She shook her head and tried to erase that memory. She kept running and slipped on a wet part of grass. She feel right on her back and groan when she hit the ground. She laid there and looked at the sky. She was gasping for air so it can reach her burning lungs. ” Why, why is it that when I love something so much when they show affection or none at all it hurts “ She thought to herself.  Then suddenly a drop of water hit her nose. She flinched and looked closer. then another and another. It was starting to rain. She knew that she should seek shelter like everyone around her was doing but for some reason she just laid there and took the cold droplets to cool her body down. She started to sob slowly but the rain washed her warm tears away from her face. She slowly started to breathe normally and then took a huge, deep breath. she soaked in the rest of the rain drops, smiled and whispered ” Thank you God, you are always there to wipe away my tears.”



I decided to write this since I have been having Guy trouble and I had this dream actually in the shower 😛 Hope you enjoy!!!


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