I know I’m a little late with this one but putting it up now. I didnt really do anything special for halloween. Me and my roomies pretty much put on our costume and did homework and ran errands in them 🙂 But at night we were about to watch some scary movies but we decided to take some pictures to send home to the folks. So here are a few of them.


Here is my first roomate Laurin and she is suppose to be a house mom. but dont let that plate of cookies fool you.


See what I mean. ( she has amazing facial expressions)

Now here is roomate number two and the noob in our group, Cathleen. She was a prisioner from alcatraz.

Uh oh! she is loose!!!! sound the alarm!!!!!!


Here is my third roomie, Kendall Robinson my longest friend here in college and she was a witch...a sexy witch

told you she was smooooooking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my best friend, Janelle Lee, and she is a Gryffindor student from Harry Potter

Dont want to mess with her when you see her wand lights up

And here's my costume. I was robin Girl or whatever


I quite liked the hat 🙂


And that's all of us 🙂

I love these guys! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!


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