hate sick days

Selena rolls out of bed to see that she has slept in all day. A rush of coughs come out of her mouth like a crazed stampede of cattle.  She struggles for her bottle of water laying on the nightstand. She gulps down the water like she hasn’t drank in days. After taking the bottle now empty from her lips she let out a huge sigh. She collapsed back into bed and lied there. The door opened. “Babe? you awake?” “Shit its Brad.“she quickly looks into the frame to see how she looks. Horrible obviously. she tries to straighten out her hair and put herself in a position that she will look sound asleep and pretty at the same time.  He comes into the bed room with a paper bag and a chill across his face. ” Babe? you awake?” he said gently waking her up. She pretends to be groggy and look at him bewildered. “oh hun..hi” she says with a half smile. ” hey beautiful, how are you feeling?” he said rubbing her sweat from her head with a cloth from his pocket. ” I’m ok..still dizzy and have a pretty mean cough.” “ok well don’t worry I got some soup and some of your favorite tea to warm you up and,” He grabs two DVD’s out of the bag. ” The Producers and Cats Don’t Dance”  She smiled when he put a cheesy pose and smile after he bought her favorite movies. “let me go and make the soup and I’ll bring it back here. Don’t Move!” he runs and hits his knee on the night stand but tries to play cool . She giggles from underneath the sheets. ” He’s such a dork” she thought to herself. But as she watched him sing songs in the kitchen and make the soup she knew how much of a help he was to her and what a great he is. “I love him so much” He comes in with soup on the tray with crackers and a little rose that looked like he took it from the front of the apartment. “viola!” he said all proud of the meal he brought. He put the tray down in front of her and got into the covers. “No! you cant.” “why not?” “I don’t want you to get sick!” ” That’s nice” he said as he got closer. “Oh shoot! gotta put the dvd in” He grabs the producers dvd and puts it in and hops back into bed, almost spilling the soup everywhere. “Brad!’ “sorry babe” he said with a chuckle. As the movie started, she looked up and smiled. She pushed the tray away from her and got closer to brad. ” Aren’t you hungry?”  she kissed him on the cheek.” no, i’ve got what i want right here” He smiled and pulled her even closer and kissed her forehead. ” I love you Leah” ” I Love you t- * cough* ” He laughs as he grabs the cup of water from the tray. ” so cute” he smirks. She takes a sip of water and says, ” Shut  up”


Wrote this because its getting to the season of everyone getting sick and we all love those times where we have someone wether family, friend or lover to take care of us. Gotta love our loved ones 🙂 Be safe and stay well word press


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