Cold nights are the worst

The snow came in pretty fast and stay long here in the east cost. Melody walked into her freezing apartment and dropped all her school stuff on the living room floor. She looked around her empty apartment and sighed. She walked over to put her keys into the bowl by the door. As she takes of her jacket she presses the button on the answering machine. *Beep* ” Hey babe, its me. Just wanted to tell you I’m going to sleep at my place again for another few weeks. I’m sorry I promise I’ll visit tomorrow when I get a chance. Hope everything is good. Kay Bye” *Beep* You visit but it’s just going to be another awkward and hopeless conversation. She thought to herself as she takes off her shoes. Stephan has been away for work and he was supposed to be moving in 2 weeks ago but sadly has been delayed. She went into her room and grabbed her pj’s. She threw them on without a care and walked out towards the kitchen. Once full of life with laughter and discussion but now eerie and empty. She grabbed the cold pizza and heated it in the microwave. She sat down and slowly ate and all of  sudden it felt like sandpaper in her mouth and put it back in the fridge. She dragged her feet towards the bedroom and turned off all the lights. She pulled back the sheet and she felt a shiver come across her fingertips through her spine and ended at her toes. She shuddered and then climbed into bed. She lied there in silence.

why couldnt you just stay one night…one night? Dont you miss me at all? or at least hang out and tell me you love me or that you need me for one night. I understand work comes first but still everyone needs a break! I know i’m being a baby but still, I would like to feel some love that I am apart of your love..even just a little. I feel like I’m worked around like a patient coming in for an appointment. She felt a huge shiver come across her body and  she started to cry slowly and felt so alone. All she wanted was for someone to hold her tight and say i love you. Instead she was alone in a bed cold as ice and no one to save her and keep warm…what should she do?

Well lately I have been feeling super lonely and since here in San Francisco the cold weather has been kicking in I have been needed some attention. Nothing sexual just someone to care and hold me and feel loved..that weird point of weakness i guess.


2 thoughts on “Cold nights are the worst

    • Its My favorite musical. Me and my dad randomly start singing from it if someone says something that reminds us of it. Its a beautiful piece of work. But did you hear about the sequel?

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