Be happy :)

Once upon a time,

there was a girl who wanted to dance. Her mother was a dancer and died in a fatal car crash. Sadly this young girl only had one leg but still wanted to dance. Her father thought other wise. ” why do you want to dance when you can work as a doctor or a nun!” she always tuned him out when one of his talks was coming along. one day after one of his talks she decided to grab her things and run away.  She left for San francisco to find a dance school since new york was too far.  she practiced in her room every day from dawn till dusk. Finally the first audition was tomorrow morning and she was ready.

She gets to the audition and there are hundreds of women of all ages here to dance to be in the nutcracker. She is the last one in line. Girls look around and one by one they leave the room relieved that the hardest part is over. But now its her turn. Many girls stop and stare and laugh and shake their heads. She brushed them off and tried to concentrate on her moves. She enters the room and there are Four people. three women and one man. She became nervous as they looked at her from across the room. esp. one women who looked like her eyes were going to fall out they were so wide. She stated her name and the music she wanted to dance to. the man signaled her to start and she did so. She danced her heart out and no emotion from the panel. She finished with a huge breath and waited for them to respond. they said thank you and said we’ll get back to you.  She grabbed her things and said thank you and left. She felt better and hot, so she tried to get out as fast as she could. “hold on” a woman said as she left the building. It was the woman whose eyes were super wide when she entered. ” you are the best dancer i’ve seen and they have two legs and they i asked myself how do these girls walk everyday, But you! You were remarkable.” the girl smiled and before she said anything the lady said ” you didnt get the part but i would love for you to teach with me at my studio.

I love this story because of a man who has no arms or legs can swim, get up everyday with a smile and play soccer its amazing! so i just think i have all my body parts but i complain about everything. So i hope that you are loving life wordpress. I know i do. I’m very happy with my life right now and i couldnt be happier ( well if i was rich maybe :P)


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