Module 7 article

Ok what i want to do with my blog will probably just a venting stage or updating with videos i make over time.Not really sure if i will do this as a forever thing but it will manage. I always thought that blogging would be more of a dear diary thing and was never really appealing. Till i started this class COM 202 media trends. and it showed me how useful it is. Again it is more of a personal blog then anything. and sure i do use it as a dear diary thing. but i feel it helps me soo much by helping me vent and its not just me letting all my feelings out. I try to let you into my world by spicing it up a bit with me making it into a short story. Since i love to write i found this as a good excercise to keep up with my writing. I hope this helps and i promise to keep it up. Till next time



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