Once Upon a Time,

A young maid was lying in her bed and slowly tried to move. but her body felt as if an elephant was sitting on her. She couldn’t move without feeling pain and  a huge weight. “you better be up!” said her mistress who was coming down the hall to see if she was awake.  She jumps up and ignores the thriving pain and jumps into the shower. She turns on the water as soon as the door opens. “Phew!” she said when her mistress closes the door. As she scrubs she can feel her arms and legs pounding from jumping up so fast. then a knock at the door. “Dont forget i need you to go down to the pier and grab some crab and the carriage will not be there so you must walk.” The maid groans because she knows how far she is from the pier. As soon as the shower was over  she got ready and was headed to the pier. She endured steep hills that made her heart thump like a beating drum. Her legs wobbled every step she took. when she finally got to the pier they only had one crab left that he was saving for her. She went back up the hills and back to the house. She prepared crab stuffed shrimp with olive oil and cheese on the top. “Finally, what took you!” the Mistress took a bite as soon as she laid the plate on the table. The maid went back to the pot to see that her mistress was choking. The maid rushed to her side but before anything could happened..she died. She called the doctor and he rushed over as soon as he could. When he arrived he look at her and soon said, ” she is allergic to shellfish.”

Well I had to go to the Pier today and yes i walked from sutter street all the way to the pier. All those hills and such was killing me. ( i walked up from mason…..ouch!) My legs actually my whole body hurts and i’m hoping it will feel better in the morning. But no much this weekend except this and hoping my week will be better than that bcuz that was horrible…

And I’ll live happily ever after…hopefully



  1. I guess when people say write from life experiences, you really write from life experiences ^_^ And I call you crazy for walking that route but at least you did it, I would have given up a quarter of the way there.

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