Tis very late my friends

Hello Word press,

Well I couldn’t sleep tonight after a long marathon of classic disney movies and I wanted to make sure homework was done . So I was reading some of my friends blogs and I read this on on football or football( dont get ahead of me) I know its weird but I love to watch both but I do love american football than soccer. I know its mostly just big men thrashing into each other and getting a brown ball by the big pitch fork but still love the intensity. but soccer I feel as if  its just like basketball..get the ball into the net….whooo? But I still respect it, I’ve injured myself through some crazed soccer girls and boys who just miss the ball and kick me right in the shin…OOOOWW!  but I got a perspective from our own british student( who all the girls are crazy for) and saw how american football can be well as he put it I think that the NFL are so blind i mean who names a game Football when 99% of the time you use your hands.” Still you should read up on it and read his blog, he’s got a lot of good things to say with sports. So check it out! 🙂

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