Almost died

Once Upon A Time,

There was a girl who awoke hoping her love would be there to comfort her but sadly no… just laying there in silence as the rain gently fell on her roof. She finally has the energy to roll out of bed and go to the bathroom. She stands there and turns on the water faucet and then stares at the mirror. As she’s locked on the gaze of the girl in the mirror she feel as if she is trapped in there and someone else is living out here. Well after wasting time in the bathroom, she gathered her belongings and went towards the bus stop.  As she finally got on the bus the rain began to pour. She watched the rain as it fell from the sky and how pretty it was. ” I love the rain” she thought to herself.  Suddenly she hears a scream and can feel the bus start to lean too far to the left. “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! , the lady bus driver yells turning the steering wheel frantically. Everyone on the bus screams and the bus skids over the wet road. You can hear and smell the brakes over working itself.  Finally the bus was pointing the right direction. They all catch our breath as the bus driver assures them that they will be ok. She looks at her life and then up at the sky and says “Thank you..”

As you can see i almost died today, freakin school bus hydroplaned and i thought i was going to die but i thought  it was funny right after that happened, my first thought was…I NEED TO BLOG THAT! hahhaha well keep you updated with anything else but that’s all for today

and I’ll love happily ever after..hopefully


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