Cops hitting on me and a broken heart

Once Upon a time,

A young woman awoke to a young man in her room conversing with the other young woman. and he saw here awaking and asked if she wanted to grab some lunch. she refused seeing as she was nude in bed . he left without another word as she can see he was hurt by her refusal. but its ok cuz she gets it ten fold later on . But before that the lady went for a walk to pick up her best companion from her class. As she walked down the busy road of market Street, someone yelled, ” Hey you girl!”  and i looked to see an official. i was in shock and quite confused on what i could’ve done. so i approached them and asked what have i done but all he wanted to know was where was i going and how pretty i was. it made me think. that’s creepy why he wanted to know who i was because he can probably look up my info to see if i’m telling the truth or something. oh well and the fact that my boyfriend is being a pain by leaving me after all this while still trying to figure out a way to make a gift for him….oh well. till tomorrow

And i’ll live happily ever after..someday


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